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At about 0040 local time on January 3, the top commander of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard \"Al-Quds Brigade \", Kasim Suleimani, was killed in the attack at Baghdad airport. Among the dead were Mohammad Reza Jabri, deputy to Qaseem Suleimani, and Abu Mahdi Mohamedis, commander of the Iraqi People's Mobilization Organization.


When Major General Kassem Sulaymani's body was brought back to Iran, his sarcophagus was carried over his shoulders by crowds, and there was a constant stream of angry cries and cries from the mourners, which they vowed to retaliate against. At the same time, Iran will also carry out three days of national mourning to pay tribute to the outstanding military general.


Lieutenant General Kasim Suleimani is dead, but his huge team needs to be managed. Soon after, Brigadier-General Smyer Ka'ani was appointed as the new commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard \"Al-Quds Brigade \". The new commander of the new al-Quds Brigade, who has just taken office, said:\" I'll have the patience to have the bodies of Americans all over the Middle East,\" the Daily Star reported.


Brigadier-General Smyer Kaani, who was born into a poor family, has a patient and resolute character. During the period of Barevy he had been a mason, and he had been a textile worker, and had tasted bitterness. Later, in 1979, he joined Khomeini's group of 500(the forerunner of the Revolutionary Guard), which served as a guard and worked well. During the war between Iran and Iraq, he led the newly formed Revolutionary Guard on the battlefield as a lieutenant and achieved great results, thus becoming one of the \"most honored commanders\" of the Revolutionary Guard.


Don't underestimate the Holy City Brigade as an ordinary team. In fact, the Al-Quds Brigade, with its allegedly more than 10,000 people and its members among the elite of the Revolutionary Guard Corps, is not only capable of special operations, but also of intelligence-gathering, a combination of spy networks and special operations, with the responsibility of guarding Iran's ideology and a sharp edge in the Middle East.


Previously, the United States had always regarded Kasim Suleimani as a more dangerous figure than bin Laden and al-Baghdadi. The u. s. contractor was killed in baghdad and several u. s.military attacks have been blamed on the al-qaeda covert. In particular, the embassy in baghdad was hit by a huge crowd, making it furious. Later, U.S. forces sent MQ-9 predator drones carrying multiple Hellfire missiles, killing a line of Lt. Gen. Kasim Suleimani.


It is unacceptable to the Iranians because of the high status of Lieutenant-General Qassim Suleimani in the Revolutionary Guard, his reputation as a number two figure and his usual hard-nosed style, and his sudden attack and death.


To prevent possible attacks, the United States has sent an emergency additional 750 troops to the region and plans to deploy 3,000 U.S. troops from the 82nd Airborne Rapid Response Unit to reinforce it. At the same time, the country is on high alert.